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Invisalign treatment without the messy impressions

Self-Ligating Brackets (Braces)

Self-ligating braces are another exciting innovation in orthodontics. While they have been around for some time, Dr. Newell treats a large amount of patients with this "hi-tech" type of brace. Instead of using a small elastic band to hold the wire into the brace, the brace has a built in clip that springs shut over the wire.

Dr. Newell has found the benefits to be many:

  • Less friction, providing easier tooth movement, often leading to shorter treatment times.
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Less emergencies resulting from lost elastic ties
  • Shorter appointment times

Dr. Newell also uses self-ligating clear braces. This provides the additional benefit of less staining from food and beverages. With clear braces, traditionally it has been the elastic tie that stains to an unsightly yellow appearance. With self-ligating clear braces, "yellowing" of the braces has been virtually eliminated. Treatment with self-ligating clear braces enables adults to continue enjoying food and drink that would traditionally stain their braces such as coffee.