John Newell, DMD

John H. Newell, DMD, MDS

Orthodontics for Children and Adults


Treatment for children

While we will take excellent care of your child, we also believe that treatment should have an aspect of fun involved. Orthodontics requires cooperation and a motivated, enthusiastic child will make the best patient.

Brace Colors

We currently offer metal braces in two different colors: traditional silver and a light shade of gold. In addition, the wires are tied into the braces by small elastic bands which come in almost every color imaginable, including glow-in-the-dark. For those patients(often teens) who wish to minimize the appearance of the braces on the teeth, we offer ceramic (clear) braces that are much less noticeable.

Our Motivational Programs

One of the greatest responsibilities of wearing braces is the task of keeping them clean. This prevents any damage (decalcification) to the teeth which could be permanent. This is of utmost importance in our office and we use two methods to prevent damage to the teeth:

  1. Instruction: When braces or appliances are placed, the assistant will spend time showing the patient how to brush and floss most effectively with braces. Special toothbrushes will be provided while the patient is in treatment to enable good oral hygiene. Additionally, parents will be informed by the assistant or the doctor when brushing is in need of improvement or when improvement has occurred.
  2. Motivation: Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate a child to practice good oral hygiene based on prevention alone. Therefore, we have developed a reward system in our office that allows the patient to earn tokens throughout treatment based on the patient's effort to keep their braces and teeth clean. Additionally, tokens can be earned by cooperating with other aspects of treatment as well. At the end of treatment, the tokens can be exchanged for modest prizes such as gift certificates and other small items. We have found this to be an extremely successful program that contributes to the overall care of the patient. We also have contests throughout the year that reward the cooperative patients as well. Our goal is to have every patient practice excellent oral hygiene while under our care.