John Newell, DMD

John H. Newell, DMD, MDS

Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Meet Our Team

Dr. Newell's staff is comprised of career people who are service oriented and finely trained in their skills. While Dr. Newell has been in private practice for over eighteen years, his employees have been with the office for a remarkable average of eight years. The entire staff is dedicated to always being thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and on time.

Our office is complete with an "in-house" lab and lab technician. This allows us to custom make most of the orthodontic appliances, including retainers in a very short amount of time. It also allows us to fabricate new retainers at a very reasonable cost. Accidents happen and children are going to lose their retainers occasionally. We don't want cost to stand in the way of timely replacement.